Why we do?

Brazil is abundant from natural resources to culture and joy. Somehow, we find little of this spirit taking the digital spotlight; we are committed to changing this scenario.

We enjoy building bridges and connecting people, mainly through breaking language barriers. Always aiming for authentic connections by considering cultural specificity thus promoting true understanding. Brazilian culture is miscellaneous and under explored in its contribution to the global moment. We curiously explore the contemporary life, from roots to flowers, looking for a way our samba souls can contribute to the ever-globalizing world’s harmony.

We are committed to our planet, recognizing Brazil’s power and duty to preserve our planet’s water and forests. Aware of our responsibility as home to endangered species and curious on how to learn more from nature, we believe we are all one and this is the only path for balance. We materialize these feelings by illuminating and documenting local initiatives and then connecting them to global partners so they can grow and flourish together.

Language and communication are the keys; balance is our goal. How can we help?

#thinkGlobal #actLocal