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We love to create tailor made moments with a little samba to it. 

Logistics & Hospitality

Need help planning/producing in Brazil?

Finding local partners

Connecting you to the right place and the public. We love eco-friendly initiatives and can connect you to Brazil’s Green side.

We also facilitate projects. 

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smart consumers

Money is power? We live in a capitalist era, with freedom to choose who and what you spend on. Contact us to make sure you empower the right local market.


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We think time is the most valuable thing in life. We are available on a time-based retribution. Book time online with us 

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Our main talent lays in deeply knowing two cultures and languages; 

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We are clever quick curious learners. 




We know too well Brazil is amazing and big and tricky in its own uniqueness. The goal is to offer a local guide, a support system, relevant content so that visitors can enjoy there stay and get a glimpse at our contemporary culture. Connecting globally with a local atmosphere.